A weekend in Jersey

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands which sits between England and France. It is well known for its beaches, walking trails, world war tunnels and of course the delicious food. I have been lucky enough to visit Jersey since I was a baby as I have family who live over there, but if you have never visited then you really should.I would suggest booking an early morning flight from Gatwick, Luton or London city airport. The flight time is only 40-45 minutes so its super convenient and when you arrive either hop on a bus, hire a rental car or get a taxi to your final destination. Jersey is 9X5 which is great as it allows you to really explore the island during your visit and even better you can explore it by foot instead of by car.

We were due to fly out to Jersey at 9oclock on Friday morning but unfortunately we were delayed for several hours due to bad fog on the island. When we eventually did get on the plane at 1oclock we were unable to land as the visibility was still poor, so back we went to Gatwick. We transferred across to a later flight and we had our fingers crossed that we would be able to land. Due to the flight being cancelled earlier on in the day we were given some food vouchers to spend in the airport before boarding the flight at 18:30. It wasn’t quite the Friday evening we had in mind but never mind these things happen and we eventually made it.

We were staying in the parish of St Lawrence on the Victoria Avenue. My grandparents’ house overlooks the beach and the view is truly stunning. We liked to kick start our day at 7 o’clock heading out to the beach for a morning run. We ran along the sea front towards St Hellier where we found 50 rows of steps that we would run down and squat jump back up, it was a killer especially when we had a two mile run back. You truly cannot beat working out on the beach with the sun shining down on you; I wish my workout was like this every morning.

This weekend for us was a super chilled weekend, as we have visited Jersey lots of times so we didn’t visit the tourist attractions. I have however written a summary of places you should visit when visiting Jersey at the bottom of this blog post.

Once we had showered after our early morning run we headed up to the local shop called Benest to collect the daily paper. On our return we had some breakfast and then decided to walk into St Hellier, for a Saturday morning browse. We wondered into lots of little shops (the kind of shops you only ever enter if you are on holiday). the sun was shining and it was such a beautiful day we decided it was time to stop for a coffee. We wanted to visit an independent coffee shop but because I was being fussy and wanted an iced coffee we ended up in a coffee shop called coffee republic, which definitely isn’t an independent coffee shop.

Saturday afternoon was spent walking to St Aubins where we stopped off at The Boat house for a beverage, I opted for a crabbies ginger bear which was delicious. On our walk back the sun was setting and it was truly beautiful.

We finished our Saturday in a restaurant called Café Post in Grouville. The food in the restaurant was amazing and I wanted to eat it all over again. To start I had duck pancakes followed by a vegetarian nut roast served with Mediterranean vegetables and pesto and for dessert I went for the cheese trio. The atmosphere of the restaurant was lovely and the lighting made it feel lovely and cosy.

I had the best night sleep and naturally work up at 6 o’clock, after chilling in bed for a while it was time to get up and and out my running gear back on! The sun was still rising and it was the perfect start to our Sunday morning!

Breakfast today was a small drive away and the food was delicious (more about this on our Jersey breakfast post coming soon!). We had a short walk around the Victoria Park before our taxi came and picked us up for the airport.  Luckily our journey home was a lot smoother than Friday!

Things to do whilst in Jersey

1.) Corbiere Walk to the light house- you can follow the old railway track from St Aubins.
2.) Visit the Elizabeth Castle (opens early April and closes late October)
3.) Visit the Jersey beaches- St Aubins Bay, St Brelades, St Ouen’s Bay, Grouville & Greve de lecq
4). Wildlife park
5).Water sports- surfing etc
6).War Tunnels
7).Island RIB voyage
8). Day trip to Guernsey, Herm, Alderney or Sark

BLOGMAS Day 8 – Top 10 Christmas Film

What is better than snuggling on the sofa by the fire, drinking a hot chocolate and watching a Christmas film or even having a Christmas movie marathon! We feel like you can’t really celebrate Christmas without watching copious amounts of Christmas movies. We love so many Christmas films so it was hard to choose just 10, however see below! In no particular order:

Miracle on 34th Street- This is such a classic Christmas film all about believing in Santa. Santa gets taken to court as the people of New York believe he isn’t real. The film follows Santa and a little girl called ? As they go to court to prove that Santa isn’t guilty!

Elf- SANTA’S COMING!! Who doesn’t love this fan Christmas film. It’s funny and crazy and that’s why we love it. There are so many classic quotes from this movie and we could watch it on repeat all day!

Frozen- This may not be a specifically Christmas film, but it came out around Christmas and features lots of snow and we can’t forget about the super catchy songs. Frozen is a film that will become a family favourite for years to come and kids love it and the songs too! LET IT GO!

Love Actually- Oh what an actually brilliant film! Did you know they say the word actually 22 times throughout the film! This is a firm favourite of ours, the storyline is just so clever and we love how all the stories unfold. We will watch this every Christmas without fail!

The Santa Clause- this film makes us feel very nostalgic, it was one of the first ever Christmas films we watched and absolutely loved. The film is so magical and who wouldn’t want their dad turning into Santa Clause?

The greatest store in the world– it always surprises me how few people have seen this film, it is such a great Christmas film and we recommend you watch it straight away if you haven’t already! It helps remind us that not everyone is as fortunate to have a house and a warm bed at Christmas.

The Holiday- So many people forget that The Holiday is a Christmas film, but it is actually incredible. It is a romantic comedy that lots of people can relate to which will leave you feeling all warm inside.

Home alone- this film is a CLASSIC and if you have not seen it where have you been hiding? It is hilariously funny and suitable for all the family. It’s about a boy that gets left behind by his family at Christmas.

The Family Stone – This doesn’t sound like a Christmas film does it?! However its a great feel good Christmas film that shows you the importance of family around the festive period. This is definitely one to watch!

The Grinch- This stars Jim Carey, who plays the role of The Grinch incredibly! This film has a lovely message behind it and you will be sure to find it on the TV at some point over Christmas. This would be a great Christmas film to watch with all your family on a Sunday afternoon.

Out of all these Christmas films which one is your favourite, or is it hard to choose? Or do you have a film to add to this list – is there a Christmas film that isn’t very well known that you would recommend to us?!