In 2015 we decided to set up a blog and Instagram account so we could write and post about things we love and are passionate about.

We got into fitness seriously in 2015 after returning from University where we had been living the typical University lifestyle we decided we needed to make some serious changes. We noted how important it is to look after yourself particularly in terms of exercising and eating. This has developed into a lifestyle change and is now a part of our daily routine. We try to exercise 5 times a week and wanted to share our journey with you.

Although we try to live a reasonably healthy lifestyle we also know that is it important to enjoy life as life’s too short. We both love baking – a lot! We both has sweet tooth’s so enjoy baking sweet goodies for our friends and family to enjoy. However we also enjoy experimenting and trying to bake healthy goodies too. You will also soon realise how much we both love porridge, sorry in advance!

And finally whose dream isn’t to travel the world. We both love adventuring and we really enjoy our mini breaks in the UK. There’s a lot of beautiful places right on our doorstop that we want to visit. However we are also partial to some sunshine and venturing half way across the world to experience a whole new culture and cuisine. So please come along with us on our adventures.

Rachel and Annie 🙂

28 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      The story is, there were originally 3 of us, but third didn’t take to blogging so now there are just 2 of us (and we are from Britain, hence Brits!). We cannot change the name of the domain as we have it for a year now, so for the time being we have to stick with the name and the third brit is our trusty tripod that helps take all the photos!!
      Have a lovely day!

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