Trail Running- Rough ‘N’ Tumble

Trail running takes place on softer surfaces such as grass and mud in the beautiful countryside. We love putting on our trainers and getting outside, trail running gives you freedom to run, explore and often get lost whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Running on softer surfaces is much better for your body especially your ankles, shins, knees and hips (all of which we rely on greatly).  During the summer months we prefer trail runs as opposed to road runs especially as we both live super close to the woods. As the evenings begin to get darker during the winter months unfortunately we have to say goodbye to our mid week trail runs and return to road runs.

On January 8th 2017 I took part in a 10 mile trail run called Rough ‘N’ Tumble in a little village in Wiltshire called Pewsey. The race started at 11:00am at the Milton Lilbourne Village hall, the locals were selling pre race tea and coffees and had baked lots of cakes.

I hadn’t done much research on the race so didn’t know what to expect which is probably a good thing, before we had even got to the first mile we had to climb up a vertical hill on our hands and knees.

The puddles were so deep there was definitely a Vicar of Dibley moment half way through but there was no time to stop we just had to continue with soaking wet feet (my worst nightmare!). Everyone was so friendly helping each other on the way round which it definitely made the run more enjoyable.

They had drinks stations at mile 4 & 8 where they were also handing out jelly babies. The Locals were all cheering us along which was a great support especially when you get to mile 8 and you have another hill ahead of you.

Once we had finished the race we stuck around to listen to the results before heading home and showering and tucking into the homemade pizza we had made the night before!

I would really recommend taking part in the Rough ‘N’ Tumble it’s not like your usual road race!



15 thoughts on “Trail Running- Rough ‘N’ Tumble

  1. I love so much that you had a 10 mile run. You guys use the metric system and had a run in miles; we here in the US use miles and our runs are always in kilometers! Except for the evil 10 nautical mile race I did. Just say no to 10 NM in June in Memphis, Tennessee!

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  2. Thought it was just a cool name for the race, not that you will actually be roughed up and have the potential to tumble haha. Hands and knees crawling must’ve been a shocker at first, I haven’t done an adventure race before, though I love running on trails instead of roads as well.


      1. Yeah I do a lot of different things. I never did cross country/track in High School or anything but always ran. So my form is sloppy but I just grit it out and can still run pretty well. I have a love/hate relationship with running haha


      2. Ah amazing! We did run quite a bit at school but stopped for a few years have really got back into it now! we also have a love hate relationships! Sometimes you can run a route you would usually find easy and find it sooo hard! We find the air can really make a difference muggy days are the worst!!

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      1. That’s awesome! Yea I think a marathon would be a lot of fun! We usually run in the none snowy months outside so usually summer…try to in the spring and fall but depends if we have snow or not but most of the time I end up having to workout inside :/ lol


  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog – I am enjoying some of your healthy recipes!! Also interesting that you did your run near Pewsey – this is near where I grew up.


  4. Wow, 10 miles. I just did 10km road race on Sunday. Running was one thing that I swore I’d never do my entire life, but now I finally understand why people run :-). If I can find something like this in HK I should give it a go. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hello, Oh yay! We fell out of love for running during our teenage years but have fallen back in love with it! Yes you definitely should give it a go it was so much fun! 🙂 We would love to take part in a race in HK! 🙂 x

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