Halloween Stuffed Peppers

What a better way to celebrate Halloween than with this Halloween stuffed peppers that look just like pumpkins!

We think everyone must be making them as it was very tricky to find orange peppers in the supermarket and our Instagram feed was full of these, even the Body Coach makes them! These are super easy to make and perfect for kids.They are also taste great and are healthy too!

  1. We cut the tops off the peppers and then took out the middle of the pepper. We then used a small knife to carve in the detail of the pumpkin face.
  2. We then made up some cous cous, mixed with feta cheese and filled our peppers to the top and put the lids back on.
  3. We roasted in the oven (180degree) for 25-30 minutes, until chargrilled and soft.


These are so versatile and can be served with salmon, chicken or eaten on their own. They can also be stuffed with many things such as minced lamb or beef, rice or quinoa.


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