Cacao pick me up smoothie

Try this amazing cacao smoothie which will definitely help you beat the 3oclock sugar monster. I don’t know about you but almost every day in the afternoon I crave something sweet. This tends to be when your healthy and nutritional diet can suddenly turn into a sugary processed diet.

So many products these days are branded ‘healthy’ but really they are still full of unnecessary sugar which your body does not need all the time. Making your own snacks will provide your body with better nutrients and probably even save you some pennies.

Making healthy snacks isn’t always time consuming and can actually be pretty fun. Trying lots of new and exciting ingredients that you never knew could taste so delicious.

Below is a recipe for our ‘cacao pick me up smoothie’ try it and see what you think.


1 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder

1 tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Cup Almond Milk

1 Small Banana


Put all the ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Pour the smoothie into a jar and serve cold with ice.


Three Brits



2 thoughts on “Cacao pick me up smoothie

  1. This looks so yummy! Have you ever heard of a fruit called Black Sapote aka chocolate pudding fruit.
    It would be cool to experiment with it in this recipe.
    Either way, this looks delish! and I’m definitely going to make this one. Thanks for sharing 😊


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